In the talent acquisition space, email remains an important line of communication. The digital mailbox has long been a primary method for nurturing and engaging with a company’s existing talent database.

However, as budgets continue to demand a higher rate of return through a lower cost of hiring, leveraging the info in your candidate database to address how candidates seek employment and how you can reach them can be the single greatest thing you can add to your talent acquisition tool set. Enter email retargeting.

Not to be confused with job alerts or mass emails, email based retargeting allows you to literally target by name. Displaying job ads to groups of people who have engaged before, who have applied before, and who you know are interested in your openings.

Targeting job ads to existing contacts allows you the most specific focus available. You’re targeting people who have already engaged with your employer brand and encouraging them to do so again. Effectively repurposing your candidate email database to engage candidates who have already shown an interest may just be the best thing you do to bolster your talent acquisition efforts for 2016.