Maintaining engagement with potential candidates can be tricky. A staple in any company’s candidate engagement arsenal is the beloved career page, the top of the candidate pipeline. Organizations often invest hundreds or thousands of dollars driving traffic from job boards, aggregators and social platforms to their career page.

Despite these efforts, on average only about 5% of career site visitors will apply on their first visit. Driving traffic is one thing, but ensuring engagement and conversion is something else. Cue job retargeting.

Although not a new concept, retargeting is becoming an essential tactic in the candidate engagement arsenal. Why? Because it increases the effectiveness of all other recruiting efforts, improves the cost per applicant, strengthens the return on your job board spend, and drives candidates down the funnel.

Retargeting allows you to engage directly with your career page visitors after they’ve left your landing page, providing multiple shots at conversion.

Here’s how Recroup’s job retargeting platform works. A candidate comes to your career site, browses jobs and maybe even starts the application process. If they’re like most other people, they’ll leave without fully applying. Rather than relying on their good intentions of returning, your relevant job postings are automatically converted into engaging ads and displayed to the interested candidate on the sites they visit later. Bringing that candidate back and keeping your jobs top of mind. Ultimately ensuring the money you spend driving traffic to your career page is converting more applications and increasing your return.

How candidates seek employment and how companies reach them is evolving. Job retargeting provides a means of engaging potential hires and interacting with those who have already shown an interest in your openings.

How can retargeting help your recruiting efforts to encourage the right candidates to take action? In short, job retargeting can re engage candidates that have already shown an interest in your postings, increase applications, and maximize the resources you spend driving traffic to your careers page.