Still Losing 90% of Interested Candidates?

Get the best results for your job advertising spend. With Recroup’s talent retargeting platform employers can now re-engage interested candidates and drive them back to their job pages. See your applicant conversions grow significantly.

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Why Recroup?


Recruitment Re-targeting

Over 90% of candidates don’t apply for a job on their first visit. Recroup’s talent retargeting technology brings interested candidates back to your job page, directly increasing your ROI on job advertising spend.

Email Targeting

Say Goodbye To Post & Pray

Find new ways to reach and attract potential candidates. Leverage behaviour and resume based targeting to engage a broad audience without compromising on quality and relevancy of candidates.


Right Ads. Right Places.

Convert ‘window shoppers’ into interested applicants. Job ad retargeting allows you to advertise jobs to interested candidates even after they leave your job page. Enjoy the high click-through rates and increased conversions.

Cross Channel

Enhance Your Recruiting Efforts

Recroup enables you to reach passive and active candidates where they actually spend time online. Dynamic job advertising rather than static job posting allows you to bring your opportunities to relevant candidates.

Improve Your Job Advertising ROI

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How It Works

Simplicity is at the core of Recroup. We obsess over the details so you don’t have to. In only a few steps you can convert your job postings into engaging banner ads.

Job Postings Page

1. Job Posting

Looking for better applicants? Tell us a bit about yourself and the position you’re trying to fill so we can begin your job ad campaign. Next!

Creative Design Page

2. Select Creative

Feeling creative? Upload your own imagery or choose from all the different ad templates in our library.

Package Selection Page

3. Choose The Package

Your ad is almost done. Now time  to pick the package that best suits your budget.

Sample Job Ads

Fineto! Campaign is Done & Launched

Job well done! You campaign has been launched. Make sure to review the performance in your analytics dashboard.

Enterprise Solutions

Looking for new solutions to bolster your product offerings? Using Recroup’s enterprise solution can not only bolster your offerings and create additional value for your customers but can also create an additional revenue stream.

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Not Convinced?

Here are few more reason to use Recroup

Smart Spending

Smart spending ensures that your ad dollars are being spent where the ROI is the greatest. Recroup auto-optimizes the campaigns for the best results. Now that’s easy.

Employer Branding

Everything you do relates to your employer brand. Convert your job postings into engaging ads that impress candidates and say something about your organization.

Audience Reach

Bring your job opportunities to relevant candidates where they are most likely to spend time online. Leverage retargeting to focus on candidates who are most likely to apply.

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