Track, Analyze and Optimize

Actionable insights to drive applicants

Recruitment analytics & job advertising at your fingertips

The essential metrics

You don’t need to be a data scientist. Get useable insights to help drive applicants.

Audience visualization

Visualization of your candidate audience displays information in a way that’s meaningful.


Job ad retargeting simplified

Spend less time worrying about job ads. Manage your retargeting campaigns from one place.

Recommendation Engine

Data only makes a difference if you can use it. Recroup’s recommendation engine provides you with actionable items that give you the information you need to act, giving you a complete picture of your career page performance and how you can improve it. It’s like having your own recruitment caddie.

Cross Channel

Ensure more candidates convert into applicants by converting your text based postings into engaging, relevant ads. Bring your jobs to candidates where they actually spend time online, in one click. Now that makes sense.

Ad Segmentation

Create ads that target candidates based on specific behaviour. Target ads based on job types, how candidates arrived at your career page, or by which stage in the application process they’re in.

Recruitment Marketing Platform - Dashboard

Traffic Segmentation

Sourcing quality candidates is far from easy, and turning them into applicants is even harder. Recruiters need to justify every dollar spent on job campaigns.

Recroup break downs all traffic sources to give you a better idea of which platforms are driving applicants.

Once you know where your best applicants are coming from, you can get more conversions from these channels.

Application Funnel Reporting

Every career page requires different steps for a candidate to complete an application. Identify your different stages and see how they impact candidate behaviour. Where do your candidates get stuck as they move through their journey?

Funnel Reporting gives you the panoramic view needed to turn roadblocks into shortcuts.

Recruitment Marketing Platform - Creative Design

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