A Technology Company

We want to enable those in the recruiting space with job advertising tools to find and engage with relevant candidates.

Forward Thinking

Building a next generation recruitment platform is our goal. Our ability to predict how technology will evolve in the future allows us to build the right tools for our clients today.

Problem Solvers

We strive to keep peeling off layers from the onion, always searching for better and simple solutions.

Customer Support

Customer service excellence has always been and will always be part of our philosophy. Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job.

Our Story

Recroup started with the idea to make job advertising more dynamic than the conventional, static job posting process. With digital marketing at the core of the technology, Recroup is building the next generation job advertising platform. Enabling employers to step up their recruitment marketing game.

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We love what we do at Recroup. And by extension, we love talking about it. If you’re curious about what we do and how it can compliment your recruiting efforts than get in touch with our team. For some of the content we produce and enjoy reading, join our social communities below